Agribusiness is big business in Mossbank! Agribusinesses are the biggest employers in the district and provide valuable services for farmers and ranchers throughout all three prairie provinces.

A Major Player in the Organic Field

While many small towns have lost their grain elevators, Mossbank’s continues to dominate the community’s skyline and now draws farmers from as far away as Manitoba and Alberta. Owned and operated by RW Organic Ltd., the elevator now deals exclusively in the growing market for organic products.

Since its purchase by RW Organic in 2001, the elevator has more than doubled its number of clients. Starting with just under 200 farmers, currently over 500 farmers travel to Mossbank to deliver their organic grains and lentils. Its growth is due to both RW Organic’s rigorous adherence to the standards the organic industry as well as the range of services it offers customers. These services include trucking, cleaning, rail and storage for wheat, oats, barley, flax, peas and chick peas. Demand for organic products is growing and markets are increasing world-wide. Thanks to RW Organic, Mossbank is a major player in the organic field! For more information on RW Organic contact 306-354-2660 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nothing Runs like a Deere

Staff at Mossbank’s biggest employer wear the familiar green and gold emblem of John Deere, the largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment in North America. Mossbank is home to South Country Equipment, a John Deere dealership that also services eight other communities. Employing a range of specialized tradespeople as well as sales people, accountants, marketing staff and managers, South Country Equipment sells both new and used equipment and parts. It provides support for its products by carrying out both in-shop and in-the-field repairs.

Mossbank’s South Country Equipment maintains an enviable sales record and has been recognized several times as the top John Deere dealership in Saskatchewan. This success has made South Country Mossbank’s most dependable employer and attracted many young people and their families to the community. South Country is frequently looking for skilled tradespeople who would like to make their home in Mossbank. Available positions are posted on their website at, so, if you are looking for a great career in a great town, check it out! For more information call 1-306-354-2411.

Keeping it Clean!

The Mossbank district is the home of a grain cleaning operation, part of The Jolly Farm. Seed cleaning is an important service to farmers throughout southern Saskatchewan. The cleaners utilize specialized equipment such as air screeners, separators and vibratory conveyors to remove other materials from grain and seeds. Grain and seed cleaning is an important because by removing unwanted materials from grain, these products will have a higher value than grain contaminated with straws, chaff, weed seeds, soil, rubbish, and other non-grain materials. Cleaning also improves the storability of grain, reduces dockage at time of milling, improves milling output and quality, reduces damage by disease and improves yields. Currently, Dave Gibson manages The Jolly Farm cleaning services.

Mossbank’s Old Wives Lake Mobile Grain Cleaning, as the name implies, provides farmers with seed cleaning services right at their own farm. For more information on this company contact 1-306-354-2446.

Working together is the Saskatchewan way

Founded by farmers to advance their social and economic interests, Co-ops have had a long association with agriculture in Saskatchewan. The Southland Co-operative — Mossbank Branch provides fuel, hardware, vehicle parts and numerous other items. To contact the Mossbank Co-op call 306-354-2350.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Along with the Co-ops, farmers in the Mossbank district are served by a variety of businesses that offer support essential to the success of the local agricultural industry.  Below a partial list of Agribusinesses operating in the Mossbank district. We are updating our business directory to include the many other businesses.


AgriTax Business Services Ltd.
318 Main Street
Mossbank – 306-354-2256

Southland Co-operative – Mossbank Branch
Main Street
Mossbank – 306-354-2350

Ray’s Custom Aggregate Ltd.
Mossbank – 306-354-2306

Dale and Lisa’s Farm & Auto
Mossbank – 306-354-7797

Mazenod Co-op
Mazenod – 306-354-7711

Rae’s Service
Mossbank – 306-354-2317

RW Organic
Railway Avenue
Mossbank – 306-354-2660

South Country Equipment
Main Street North
Mossbank – 306-354-2411

Wilson Ag Repair Ltd.
Mossbank – 306-354-7677