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There are housing options available in Mossbank for every taste and income.
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Lots for Sale

Centennial Drive Expansion Project has new lots for sale!

  • Lot sizes include 73’ x 125’, 75’ x 125’ and 83’ x 120’.
  • Serviced lots are $25,000 until December 31, 2022 and will increase to $33,000 on January 1, 2023.

Additional fully serviced lots are available for sale in the Town of Mossbank.

  • Lot sizes include 50′ x 120′ and 50′ x 125′.
  • Serviced lots are $9,000.
  • Unserviced lots are $6,000.

Please contact the Town for details on time schedule and lot information.

For more information call the Town office at 306-354-2294 or email.

Current Lots for Sale

Centennial Subdivision


Business Development Opportunities

The Town of Mossbank grew more than 10% between the last two censuses. In order to meet local demand for services, there is currently a need for the following:

  • Accommodation services (hotel/motel/bed & breakfast)
  • Home care professionals
  • Daycare
  • Rental units
  • Staff for the hospitality industry, trades, etc.

Business Incentives

  • Lowest commercial property taxes in Saskatchewan for large investments
  • No business licence fees for local ratepayers
  • Growing, proactive community
  • On a primary highway
  • Close to Assiniboia, Moose Jaw and Gravelbourg
  • Increasing tourism with hunters, ecotours, museum and many events
  • Demonstrated need for the businesses listed above

Maximum of five-year tax exemption for new commercial construction and three-year for residential:

Mossbank Tax Incentive Programs

Owner must apply, in writing, to Council for a tax exemption under one of the three tax incentive programs below and Council will evaluate requests based on the criteria as described:

New Housing Program
The length of the tax exemption depends on the size of the investment and is at the discretion of Council (three year maximum). It goes into effect in the first year of occupancy or the following year in the event the assessment roll has been closed.


  • New residential construction (zoned and taxable residentially)


  • Additions to an existing residence
  • Accessory use buildings (garages, etc.)


Business Development Program

The length of the tax exemption depends on the size of the investment and is at the discretion of Council (five year maximum).


  • New commercial construction (zoned and taxable commercially)
    • Commercial renovations, incurred within a period of one year (or a longer period approved by Council), of at least $100,000 in cost of materials and which is not the result of neglect by the existing owner, in the opinion of Council, will be considered the equivalent of new construction


  • Commercial renovation of an existing building costing less than $100,000 for materials
  • Investments that are not permanently fixed in place such as equipment, buildings on skids, sheds, etc. (however, if sizeable and in conjunction with significant new construction, it may be taken into consideration)


Builder Program

The length of the tax exemption is until the end of the year in which the property is sold, up to a maximum of five years.


  • Property must be unoccupied until the date of sale (exemption may be repealed in the event of violation)
  • Commercial or residential construction intended for immediate sale upon completion
    • Renovation costs of $100,000 or greater in cost of materials and incurred within a period of one year (or a longer period approved by Council) will be considered the equivalent of construction


  • Buildings that are not actively being advertised for sale
  • Renovations of existing properties costing less than $100,000 for materials


NOTE: Any or all parts of the described programs can be cancelled or altered by Council at any time, with or without notice, by Council resolution, if the program does not appear to be fulfilling its intended purpose.


Printable Information Sheet

If you are interested in starting a business in Mossbank, or if you would like information on the town economy and the opportunities here, please contact the town office at 306-354-2294 or email us at info@mossbank.ca 

Furrows and Faith Retirement Co-operative Limited

The Furrows and Faith Retirement Villa is a licenced Personal Care Home. It has 16 suites, some with separate bedrooms and living rooms-kitchenettes and all with their own full bathroom. This enables up to 19 people to call the Villa home. At least one caregiver is on staff 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The common area has a beautiful kitchen and dining room where meals and coffee breaks are provided to our residents. The large living room and activity space can be booked for personal, family and community activities. 

As of January 1, 2023, new resident rates are as follows:

  • Single Suite $2350
  • Double Suite (1 person) $3600
  • Double Suite (2 persons) $3850
  • Studio Suite $2000

These rates do not include TV or phone.
Contact Cathy at 354-7799 if you are interested or would like a tour.

Furrows and Faith Retirement Co-operative Limited was established in December 2011 to find a means to produce respectful affordable retirement and Assisted Living housing in the Mossbank area.

Our vision is:

  • that people will not have to leave the area to get the housing and assistance they need, but will be able to remain in the area that is familiar and home to them.
  • to honour our older residents, who have worked and lived in this region for most of their lives, being part of “furrowing” the community into what it is today.
  • to move forward in “faith” so this generation and the ones to come will still have the opportunity to call the Mossbank area home.
  • We will celebrate our history, build in the present, looking forward with hope to the future.

Membership gives a vote in the operation of the Co-operative business as well as the opportunity to become a leader on the board of directors. Memberships to the Furrows and Faith Retirement Co-operative are $5.00. All residents must be a member of the Co-operative, thus allowing them to take part in decision-making about the operation of the Villa. If you want a membership please contact any board member or write to us at the address below.

The building project is being funded through the generous donations of interested people, businesses, the Town of Mossbank and surrounding municipalities. The Saskatchewan Housing Corporation awarded us a grant of $250,000.00 through the Summit Action Fund. Furrows and Faith is a registered Canadian Charity and issues tax-deductible receipts each year for any donations received.

If you would like more information or are interested in talking to someone about this project call Furrows and Faith Retirement Villa at 306-354-7799 or email us. We will be happy to talk with you about our exciting endeavour.

Furrows and Faith Retirement Co-operative Limited
PO Box 214
Mossbank, SK  S0H 3G0



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To contact Furrows & Faith Retirement Villa, please call 306-354-7799 or email us using this form.

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Mossbank Housing Authority

The Mossbank Housing Authority currently has a number of rental units designed for single, double and family occupancy. The rent on these apartments includes energy and is adjusted based on the resident’s income, which makes them especially attractive to seniors on fixed incomes. Each unit has two entrances, complete laundry facilities, stove, fridge, plug-in parking and includes a spacious backyard, which the Housing Authority maintains for the resident. This includes snow removal of steps and walkways in the winter.
For more information contact Malcolm Bucholtz at mbucholtz.mossbank@housingauthoritysk.com.

There are currently 2 single units available for immediate occupancy

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