Mossbank provides residents with a rural lifestyle that allows for many social and economic advantages. Free of the stresses of city life and surrounded by the beauty of the country, Mossbank residents can breathe deeply!

At 10.1% population growth, Mossbank grew at twice the Canadian average between 2011-2016 and three times the average for Saskatchewan towns! Given construction plans for 2017, our growth rate looks to continue well into the future!

Growth Rates:
Saskatoon – 12.5%
Regina – 11.8%
Mossbank – 10.1%
Saskatchewan average – 6.3%
Canadian average – 5.0%
SK town average – 2.7%
Moose Jaw – 1.9%
Assiniboia – (1.2%)
Gravelbourg – (2.9%)
*Brackets denote a decline in population

2016 Census link

Residents laughing at picnic.In Mossbank, parents raise their families safe from the crime and violence that plagues larger centres. Children attending Mossbank School benefit from small class sizes that allow for plenty of individual attention. At the same time, students have access to the same state-of-the-art facilities available in big schools. Population projections done by the Prairie South School Division indicate that the Mossbank School is sustainable, so, school closure is not an issue, but the small school population means that every student will have the chance to join the teams and activities he or she is interested in. Mossbank’s rural environment also means young people will be exposed to a wide range of activities and experiences that their urban counterparts miss out on. Wide open spaces populated with birds and animals are literally in everyone’s backyard. Horse riding, snow mobiling, and cross country skiing are just a few of the ways residents take advantage of their closeness to nature. Mossbank features modern recreational facilities; including a swimming pool, hockey rink, curling rink, gym, music lessons, and a fitness centre.

In addition to providing their children with a great place to grow up, parents also realize numerous economic benefits by choosing Mossbank over a large city. Property taxes and housing are only two factors that contribute to a substantially less expensive cost of living in Mossbank. Instead of spending time and money commuting, parents drive their children to hockey practice, attend church activities, volunteer at community events, and play a bigger role in their children’s lives.

Besides being a great place for families, Mossbank is equally inviting to the elderly. The opening of the Furrows and Faith Retirement Villa has added a new dimension to allowing Senior residents an opprortunity to live in our great town in a safe new environment. Low accommodation costs in Mossbank leave retirees with more disposable income than they would have in a city. Seniors rental accommodations are also available in Mossbank for those on fixed incomes. These comfortable and professionally maintained apartments allow seniors the dignity of living independently and provide amenities such as snow removal and lawn care. Not surprisingly, many seniors have chosen to retire in Mossbank.

Mossbank is a bustling town offering citizens and visitors a full range of businesses and services.

Businesses include a credit union, insurance agency, licensed restaurant, grocery store, post office, Co-op hardware and service station, used auto parts dealership, hair salon, clothing store and gift shop, accounting services, massage therapist, a hotel and two bed and breakfasts.

Local children on bicycles.

Mossbank is part of the Five Hills Health Region and a doctor regularly visits the community health centre. Nurses also visit the centre intermittently and weekly prescription orders and pick ups are coordinated through the centre. There are three doctors, a hospital and a full service pharmacy in Assinboia, which is only 25 minutes away. Assiniboia is the base for an ambulance services. Gravelbourg, which is only 30 minutes away, also has two doctors, a pharmacy, and a hospital.

Culture and entertainment also figure prominently in the lives of Mossbank residents. In addition to a modern, fully equipped K-12 school, Mossbank has a branch of the Palliser regional library, and is only 20 minutes away from Assiniboia Regional College.

Mossbank has four churches: Cornerstone Gospel Church, Mossbank United Church, Trinity Lutheran Church and St. Louis Roman Catholic Church.

With everything Mossbank has to offer it is not surprising that so many young families and retirees have chosen to live in our community.