Local Government

Town Office

Chief Administrative Officer: Chris Costley
Email: caomossbank@sasktel.net

Administrative Assistant: Christa Fortin
Email: townofmossbank@sasktel.net

311 Main Street, PO Box 370
Mossbank, Saskatchewan S0H 3G0
Telephone: 306-354-2294
Fax: 306-354-7725

Water Works & Public Service

Public Works Foreman: Rick Rollie
Telephone: 306-354-7574

Town Maintenance Workshop
512 Main St,  Mossbank SK S0H3G0

Public Services Employees: Brent Kabrud

Town Council

Mossbank is governed by an elected Town Council comprised of six
Councillors and a Mayor, each elected for a four year term.

Our present council consists of:

Mayor: Gregg Nagel

Deputy Mayor & Councillor: Kristi Green

Councillor: Jeremy Costley

Councillor: Aubrey Tollefson

Councillor: Brett Tollefson

Councillor: Mike Jolly

Councillor: Dave Gibson